TheSutras-Limp Again!
Now i’m back for good this time.  After i lost my blog because of so “good” webhosting on bandwidth, i discontinued my subscriptions on the hosting. Just imagine i lost my blog for a month.. the bandwidth only few megabytes. My external hard disk much more bigger space than theirs.

Very low bandwidth but with good tech-support tho, i never saying they’re too bad on webhosting only i’m not satisfy with the pricing and the bandwidth. I spend almost nearly RM200 for the basic hosting. It’s quite expensive and also one more thing, there’s no bank to pay for them here in Malaysia. They asked me for a wire-transfer bank-to-bank. and i have to cover the transfer charges as well. One more thing, they don’t send me the files. I mean my web files. I need that but they seems like ignoring me.

I faced the bandwidth problem when i posted about “Adam Lambert is gay” and many fans of him keep coming and gave me a comment with lots of “F” words. And it seems i’m outta bandwidth when i feel my web getting lag. DDOS maybe.. from now on i’m gonna blog here more into which my interest was, that is music, music and music. My involvement in music, event (gig and whatever it is), informations on demo, fanzine. My other blog will post more into my reflections and politics what so ever. Here also i provide some promo freebies like an mp3 download. Not whole album but only one.

So, i’m gonna put my post from my other blog also here. Hope you all gonna like it. But no forcing if you want or don’t want to read it :-) . Cheers and Happy new year 2010.
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