Collection By Blood
A Collective project by
Blood Of Fucker of Borneo

Date: 10/10/2010
Time:12 pm-6 pm
Venue: Razz-Ma-Tazz Bistro Pub, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Ticket: RM15 (pre sale)/RM20 (door entrance)


1- Morbius
2- Perpetual
3- Barbalans
4- Damokis
5- Akagrish
6- Bestial Hordes
7- Mi Scusi

and aarrrrggghhhhhhhhh lots more..* (*i can't read the band name coz too brutal to read... kahkahkahkah, datang sendiri bawa orang kampung dan ramai-ramai kita nongkrong dan mosh.. yeah)

For pre-order, will be inform very soon... give a comment if u wanna come and i'll inform the organizer. This gig is good for those who can't go to Tawau..yeah.. but what you gonna miss in Tawau... arrrghh nice chix and great foods.....kthanx

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