Flamecult Records Offering Compilation Album As Free Download

Flamecult Records is currently offering the "Flamecult Records Presents: The Underground Alliance Vol I" compilation album as a free download in here. Flamecult Records also issued the following statement about the release:

"Flamecult Records Presents: The Underground Alliance Vol I represents a collective of ambitious, intelligent and hard working bands or studio projects from all over the world! From full on black metal, war metal, doom metal, grind metal, death metal and hybrid metal, a full spectrum of the metal underground is showcased in this great compilation. Hosted by Flamecult Records, all the musicians involved in The Underground Alliance Vol I are talented and very respected in their underground circles, have a history of DIY albums and splits and many shows, and represent what the underground metal world is all about: Strength, Honor and Integrity."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Coils of the Serpent - Defeat Remix
2. Zebulon Kosted - Between This World And The Next
3. Volksmerink - Calloused
4. Throne of Malediction - Ceremonial Blood
5. Bodies in Barbwire - The Vile CorpseKing/Nailgun Dissection
6. Nephilim Rising - Torn/Elegy (Etxalar)
7. Chalice Of Doom - Endless Prison
8. br1hatecrew - Burden of Damnation
9. Styg'ian Altar - The Legion Decrees
10. Warseid - Voyager/Winter Legions
11. Death Chant - Delirium
12. ZDD - Zombie Death Dance
13. Throne of the Mammoth King - Sacred Club Of Spikes
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