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You hear that sound? That low rumbling in the distance? That low rumbling in the distance that is speedily coming closer and closer? The low, grinding sound of some nightmarish creature comprised entirely of serrated blades, ripping buzzsaws, and oozing atmosphere soaked and dripping with depression and sorrow that is progressively getting louder and more undeniable? Hello, that is ULCERATE‘s THE DESTROYERS OF ALL.

THE DESTROYERS OF ALL is an extension of the matured sound ULCERATE developed on their second album EVERYTHING IS FIRE. And honestly, Ulcerate has honed this sound down to a “T”; at this point the band could almost certainly guarantee putting out a superior album every time. These kiwis have created another release of pure aggression, insane drumming, and depressive emotion. Still channeling a weird mix of riffing in the vein of IMMOLATION and GORGUTS in a firefight and transposed across CROWPATH‘s varied and layered drumming, ULCERATE is more concerned here with fine-tuning their excellent death metal arsenal. The song structures are more restrained, song lengths are perfected, and ULCERATE spends more time making the atmosphere on this album bleed battery-acid jazz. All the elements here are applied with precise tact and judgment, crafting an album that is meticulous yet brutal, emotional yet horrific.

ULCERATE is probably going to turn into a band like IMMOLATION or BOLT THROWER: you will know what’s going to be on each subsequent album and can expect the small change here or there, but the success of the albums will be in the band’s ability to keep the music fresh, varied, and absolutely necessary. And this is absolutely necessary. Easily an early contender for best album of 2011, THE DESTROYERS OF ALL is helping to craft ULCERATE‘s place amongst metal’s greatest.

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