Dave Ellefson reunite With Dave Mustaine Again.


Here’s a nice little “HOLY SHITBALLS!” moment to cap off your Monday: after a seven year absence, Dave Ellefson has returned to Megadeth. And to think, not that long ago, these two were suing one another. Hilarious.

Old-school Megadeth fans will remember that Ellefson survived through various incarnations of ‘Deth, and for many years appeared to be on the only person on earth who could actually stomach Mustaine. He was the bass player for basically every Megadeth classic ever.

You can read some statements from the band at SMN, but to be honest, it’s all the usual bullshit that you’ve heard a million times before. Hopefully these two will get deeper into their rift and reunion when they start doing press for Megadeth’s upcoming tour.

And you know what? I could not find a picture of these two together without the rest of the band around. Twenty years as partners, and they never snapped a photo just the two of them. Good times.
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