Barren Earth: The New Great Supergroup From Finland
A bunch of Finns, which meets to the metal music, brings out a long time not a good album. While a number of technical level to never complain, but the soul is absent in all perfection too often. BARREN EARTH do better. Much better. Although BARREN EARTH could easily pass for a super group, but "no Curse Of The Red River" any project "charm". What the SWALLOW THE deliver SUN, ex-AMORPHIS, MOONSORROW, KREATOR and WALTARI musicians here, that radiates passion, creativity, and homogeneity - and to an extent as to bring even many long-standing united band structure is not reached.

"Curse Of The Red River sounds" heavy (damn heavy), while highly melodic and finely textured in the organic warm sound robe. In essence, play BARREN EARTH-Death Doom, but restricts this particular style-name the musical part of this band is far too much. Complex, melodic guitar work impressed both with the leads, as well as the technically demanding solos presented. Melodic Death Metal became reality collides with the catchiness of recent AMORPHIS, heavier, more dramatic Doom flirts with piano and roaring Hammond organs. Prog-Rock-inclusive Phideaux impact (center of "Ritual Of Dawn") are contrasted bollernde death metal parts, while Mikko Kotamäki (SWALLOW THE SUN) is powerful growls from the lungs to the body and can also convince with clearly sung passages. Folkloric influences, both in the melody, and in the instrumentation (acoustic guitars, flute short inserts miss) "Curse Of The Red River" a variety, the leaves look similar sound-wise mounted bands quite old. This is really big, darkly beautiful cinema-Metal!

Do check their 2009 EP "Our Twilight". Lots of improvement in this debut album than their EP. Now they signed with Peaceville Records.

CONCLUSION: What a chunk! BARREN EARTH combine the best of their main bands with their own influences to produce a timeless doom prog monument, which sparkles like a gem weighs tons complex, yet catchy at night. Must dark, hard music with heart sound! This band MUST go big..

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