From Singapore With Hate, Here Come Wormrot

From Singapore with hate, politics, and a bit of humor, come Wormrot.  Traditional grind is the approach these agro motherfuckers deliver. This is the way early Napalm Death meant for it to be.  Grind, grind, grind.  Wormrot are one guitarist, a drummer, and a vocalist.  This is all it takes for these Singaporeans to impose their will.

It might just be impossible to overstate how cool Wormrot are. Just signed with a great label, Earache record this year, They now facing much more exposure to the all extreme music freaks.

Grind can be such a thankless genre - sometimes too sloppy, mostly too short, and often just so much less than what it should be. With 23 tracks of grinding excitement. Not wormrot however. They fucking deliver with more A-political lyrics directive with some funny titles and lyrics, such as Fuck... i'm Drunk. and blasphemy my ass.

There is a Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover called “Rich”  which would maybe add to the hilarity if I knew who they were and had some reference to the song.  They seem to put on a killer live show (thanks youtube) and just finished touring UK.

On no account let this album pass you by - it’s a lean and efficient grind attack that elevates Wormrot right to the top of the pile. There’s few could be beating this any time soon. But this can be one my favourite grind album for 2010.  

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