Make This Tribe Sound For Friendship vol. 1
Pomey Studio at Opera House Community

Date: 10th October 2010
Time: 12 PM - End
Venue: Tropical Pub & Bistro (Mile 4, Sandakan)
Ticket RM13/Person

1- Throw Me The Mordor
2- Thirty Evil Seconds
3- Elephant Oi!
4- Endless Nameless
5- Royal Mattress For The Death
6- Short Light Green Circuit

Special Appearance:
1- Mediomad (Pahang)
2- 28 Days Later (Tawau)
3- Foresight (Tawau)
4- Scream From The Small Town (Lahad Datu, Tawau)

For more info contact: 0128429961 (Qay), 0128023791 (Mano)
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