Until The Light Takes Us

WARNING THIS VIDEO NOT FOR NARROW MINDED ASHOLE! I spend my time watching this. For almost 1 and half hour, i feel really understand the true meaning of Black Metal in Norwegian way of life. It suits them. This docu opened with Fenriz from Darkthrone as the main person for the interview and the second person is Count Grishnackht (serving 21 years in jail for murder and churches arson), is it true? You got to find out from this documentary.

You can really see the real face of Frost (frontman for Satyricon) without make-up. Honestly, he look like a real satan in human form. So scary look. He also did some stage performing all over Europe. If you wanna try, you can invite him in one of your neighbor birthday party and i'm sure your neighbor will call a police afterwards which will including you in the suspect list.

This video isn't some of clown video for kids.. I tell you, you MUST watch this video with open-mind and never say "hey... it's bullshit..."! If you say that, it means you still not eligible to watch this video. This is great knowledgeable video for any kids who try to understand some roots of metal from European region. This isn't a trend eventhough i'm not a Black Metal (100% fan), i still say, i respect their attitude. It's a MUSIC, ARSON, MURDER, ART & BLACK METAL.

Luckily my friend from metukulau zine mr. Adi Herman uploaded the video because i know it'll hard for us to find it here. If you love the documentary, get the original copy via google. Find it.. maybe you can find the video in your city/town and maybe it's a "pirated" one. better download it for free. But, as before, please get the original copy of this if you love it.

Download (via Megaupload)
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