Al-Namrood - Estorat Taghoot
Had the second wave of black metal the world can also set it on fire from California? Probably just as little as the Gulf of Bosnia Thrash has shaped the history of music essential. As such it is entitled, if one genre movements always in the context of social, cultural and, yes, especially in Black Metal, geographical conditions rim looks. It already feels the dull depths of the Norwegian forests, when we hear early BURZUM, the ice-encrusted Northwest coast of America tower open AGALLOCH and companies, also those of us who have never seen it. But what if a band takes the stage from a region where culture has already been created, as in Europe and America, stone axes were swinging an unspoiled paradise was beyond a mythical sea? 

What music do you play when the eyes open plains and undulating dunes only glutgesprengte seas? The answer AL NAMROOD from Saudi Arabia to listen to for first time their "Estorat Taghoot" and it's worth it. Without Oriental kitsch and pandering to Western structures AL-NAMROOD create on this record, especially a feeling of naked fear. Already the opener "Arousal At Nebuchadnezzar Fortress" prehistoric mystique swings between almost dissonant sounds and harsh guitars Orient. The satanic vocals of frontman Mukadars - especially in the unfamiliar Arabic phonemes - and the fantastic raw production reflect the mood of the rest. The comparison with BURZUM is entitled, even from the cultural perspective: Saudi Arabia is a repressive religious regime to include such an album there safely loaded with a similar provocation potential that free up the early Norwegians.

From a sober perspective can be blamed on the album provides a degree of uniformity. The midtempo will never leave, special highlights are difficult to identify. Of complexity or exciting instrumentation can be no question. AL-NAMROOD this are authentic, and as the devilish concept off the popular underground MELECHESH and unheard of that cultural group very original. One can only hope that the censorship does not lower the guillotine on the heads of the troops and we shall adopt the option to pursue the further development of the exciting experiment by Namrood.

This album not recommended for those who likes typical sounds of Black Metal album. This is more greatly being called as experimental album... they're from Arab for godsake.
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