Racism & Fascism are the greatest “FUCK YOU” in Underground Scene

Some of us agree with this and some don’t. Why? Let us look at all those bands around us including the crowds attending any gigs. Some of them don’t want to mix with other group of people. For example, A is a black metal fan, and A doesn’t want to mix with B a death metal fan. Same goes with B who doesn’t want to mix with C, a hardcore and thrash metal fan.

They stand with their ideology isn’t it? I admit that I’m a progressive/ Industrial/Death/Thrash/Hardcore and Doom metal fan but I still can listen to other kind of genre and still can get along with some others freaks at the gig. I don’t want to show my narcissistic idea here. It’s only an example.

Let us get back to the main idea of this post, the story of A, B and C. What do you think of it? The most popular tagline amongst DIY undergrounders is they are fascist. Prejudice on others and try to bring down others in any form. We can’t escape this mentality in this world. Everywhere we go, we still can find this kind of attitude. Do we want this to happen everyday? I don’t think so. You might say, I don’t want! Yeah, correct, you don’t want that, you just voice out your choice.

How about racism? Is it happen? Same like fascism, it still happens. For example, a white power band like Vaginal Jesus considers a white power band. What is white power? White power where the white people try to rein supreme on ideas and anything. Also some twats here in Asia just created an Asian Force blablabla. It just a racist idea. Why don’t try to bring together Earth Force blablabla? Maybe they have their own agenda on it or maybe later they will bring it together with other region in this world. Who knows?

I saw some of undergrounder (or maybe “underwater” because they never buy fanzine and demo or follow the true undergrounder attitude) like to cynically in prejudice way about other races during gig. Hey dude! I know you not going for long in this scene, please stop that. Honestly, I had been in the scene for more than 10 years and listening to metal like nearly 20 years. Good God… that’s quite long but I never getting bored on this kind of music I only found lots of shitty sounds and greater sounds in this music.

The diversity of sounds really made me want to explore more. It’s only a budget problem if I want to order more stuff from any band out there. I still buying some demo although there’s an mp3 technology that we can download anywhere in the internet. Why we don’t stand together? Like the old days (which I missed a lot), we all gigging together and did havoc, moshing like crazy with all people even we don’t know each other but we feel it fun. And we still greet each other with “HI”, everywhere when we meet.

I just plan to start seriously on this blog to be the webzine and will doing many interviews on band, individual, DIY project and many more. Anyone interested, they can be the contributor on this project. The aim, we want to spread the great music among the entire listener who thirsts for good music out there. This music always accept any kind of good music whether they are Satanist, Punkers, Thrashers, Gay-right or Lesbian-right (I like) movement and a cucumber. We always welcome that.

Doesn’t matter if you have tattoo, wearing black, wearing hoodie under the hot of the sun (our region consider more warmer climate), metal-stars look-alike, great knowledge can make you totally true in the scene. If you’re poseur or trend follower, you will remain that way and will be stuck in the ring of stupidity. For example in Heavy Metal music, Architects don’t wear all-black, Akercocke’s Jason Mendonca wears tweed, David Draiman doesn’t have any tatts, Herman Li has an anorak (find the meaning in dictionary!), Henry Rollins has a military-style buzz-cut and Enslaved boys Cato and Grutle go fishing style.

Many more gig announcement will be appear on this blog. Remember, a greatest “FUCK YOU” in the scene, a racism and fascism. Why don’t we say “FUCK OFF” to any form of R&F activities if we found one? Ignore them because we don’t need narrow minded people inside our scene.
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