Wormrot New Album "Dirge" Available For Free

Singapore grindcore band Wormrot have released their new album, Dirge, as a free download after it leaked on the internet recently.

The album will be released on physical formats on May 23rd in Europe, but due to the leak Earache and Wormrot decided to make the album available officially. The download is a 40MB ZIP file, containing all 25 tracks in 320kbps MP3 format.  All tracks are DRM free.

Wormrot made the following statement:
"We realised that all you grinders were so excited for more 'Abuse' with DIRGE that it's leaked, so we said 'what the fuck, here it is' - for you free in MP3 format to download right now.  Get a t-shirt while you're at it you fucking cheapskates!  Nabey cheebai!"

Find out for yourself what all the buzz is about and get your free download of Dirge at:

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